Mr Judd wiped away tears on Tuesday as Judge Barbara Cotterell


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canada goose coats Picture: Daniel Pockett/AAPSource:AAPPaul said he was not canada goose womens outlet ready to meet with him. No charges have yet been laid but police are investigating.Earlier this week, two women who bashed a paramedic while they were intoxicated had their sentences quashed because they had difficult childhoods and had battled drug, alcohol and mental health problems.Caris Underwood, 22, and Amanda Warren, 33, repeatedly punched and kicked paramedic Paul Judd after a two day binge on bourbon, champagne and cannabis in Reservoir, in Melbourne north.Mr Judd wiped away tears on Tuesday as Judge Barbara Cotterell overturned the women prison canada goose outlet sentences imposed last December in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.The decision forced paramedics like Ms Dewhurst to publicly protest. They told their stories on social media and prominently on the back of ambulance canada goose outlet store uk vehicles.. canada goose coats

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