She gives new insights into Mary’s holiness


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canada goose uk outlet In this profound book on the mystery of Mary, Adrienne von Speyr reflects on the life, attitude, and prayer of the Mother of God. She shows how Mary’s assent to God’s will her Fiat: “Let it be done to me according to thy word” is what defines and sanctifies every aspect of her life. She gives new insights into Mary’s holiness, suffering, prayer, and role of spiritual motherhood for all mankind.. canada goose uk outlet

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Canada Goose online The situation here is more absurd than it ever was since the fall of Communism, and we are quickly becoming a theocracy.But wait! It gets better (or worse)! For a Queen of Poland has already been in power for a long time, and guess who it is? Malgorzata writes:Butdo you know that we already have a Queen official canada goose outlet of Poland and it canada goose outlet shop is none other than Mary, Jesus mother? She was taken as a Queen of Poland on April 1, 1656 by the then king, Jan Kazimierz. Three hundred years later, on August 26,1956, the Polish Church hierarchy, in the presence of about 1 million believers, repeated the pledge to her as Polish Queen. So now we have both a Queen and a King ruling together Canada Goose online.


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