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Our ambassador for peace

On behalf of the Ukrainian Committee for nominating Viktor Yushchenko for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize we invite to you to show academic and human solidarity with the young Ukrainian democracy and lend individual or institutional support to our initiative by cheap Canada Goose sending your letter of buy canada goose jacket cheap nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee before February canada goose uk black friday 1, 2005.The events of the previous year were pivotal to the development of democracy in Ukraine, which Canada Goose Coats On Sale in turn is of great import for Europe and the world at large. The phenomenon of the Ukrainian Maidan (Independence Square), which was the Canada Goose Jackets heart of the Orange Revolution, proposes for the twenty first century buy canada goose jacket a new format and philosophy of peaceful and lawful solutions for acute political and social crises. cheap canada goose uk In a contemporary form but hearkening back to a spirit foundational for Europe, canada goose factory sale the social expression manifested on Independence Square in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv re proposes for European democracy models of ancient Greek popular rule and the dynamic of Canada Goose Outlet the Roman Forum. Independence Square saw the peaceful reconciliation of vehemently opposing political forces and a uniting of different sections of society irrespective of nationality, political views and religious confession not seen in Eastern or Western Europe in recent time. The world witnessed the peaceful overthrow of an anti democratic, oligarchic and criminal regime affected exclusively through democratic means. Since the fall of communism the Orange Revolution constitutes the most striking expression of European democratic values in the former Soviet Union. What happened in Ukraine demonstrates once again that neither the burden of history nor geographical location can in themselves deprive people of the right to free democratic life. Consequently the events in Ukraine resounded canada goose uk outlet far and wide, in Romania, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. This is canada goose coats on sale the achievement of the Ukrainian Revolution whose leader is Viktor Yushchenko.Viktor Yushchenko whose father bore the scars of imprisonment in Auschwitz has shown to us all, the citizens of the world, how to address political Canada Goose online and social crises. His solution is one without bloodshed, violence or hatred, age old scourges that continue to plague humanity. He has suggested a path uk canada goose to peace through a new culture of civil and human dialogue with a simple and profound summons: “Peace be with you!”Viktor Yushchenko has gathered together not only Ukrainian society but also public figures from all over the world, intellectuals from many countries as well as countless rank and file citizens that stood up for democracy and lent their assistance to Ukraine. Tens of thousands of international uk canada goose outlet observers, probably for the first time in history in such impressive numbers, came to monitor canada goose black friday sale Ukrainian presidential elections sacrificing their Christmas vacations in a gesture of strong moral human solidarity. The Ukrainian public multiplied the expressions of solidarity within its own country by launching large scale initiatives of joint celebrations involving people from different parts of the country at Old Calendar Christmas as well as by sending books parcels from West to East for St canada goose coats Nicholas’ Day and by the people’s massive participation in the “We Won’t Be Divided!” campaign. Viktor Yushchenko fell prey to a vicious assassination attempt perpetrated through the use canada goose clearance sale of rare canada goose outlet canada goose laboratory produced poison. In spite of this, owing to his unrelenting courage and self sacrifice Yushchenko demonstrated that the human quest for freedom cannot be stopped and that the people will not be deprived of their right to free elections.In Canada Goose sale the course of the last canada goose store century criminal regimes canada goose uk shop ruling Ukraine have been responsible for the death of millions of its citizens. Historians now refer to this time in history as to the harvest of sorrow. In recent years endeavours to reanimate the dictatorial rule in Ukraine have been conspicuous. Harsh censorship in the media and economic oppression of the common people on the part of the notorious oligarchic clans has created tremendous tension in Ukrainian society. In the end we found ourselves one step canadian goose jacket short of a true calamity.Yushchenko’s personal stand as well as his appeal to all Ukrainians to “Get up from our knees” have renewed Canada Goose Online the sense of dignity in the Ukrainian nation, given courage to political leaders, and affected a radical liberalization Canada Goose Parka of the national media.At the dawn of the third millennium, millions of Ukrainians gathered in the Independence Square of the capital Kyiv united around Viktor canada goose clearance Yushchenko. They embraced a truly novel civic phenomenon, a revolution of hearts and minds. This revolution knows of no geo political boundaries and has human dignity at its centre, the thirst of people for free democratic life.

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