From Cherry Ames, Student Nurse (1943), Nurse Ames went on


Joe Levasseur

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RoseAnne Spradlin’s X at New York Live Arts, January 13 and 14.

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Big Dance Theater premieres a new work at the BAM Canada Goose Jackets Harvey, November 14 through 18.

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Sally Silvers’ three new works at Roulette, June 15 through 17.

canada goose I love pondering the palimpsest that is New York City. Sometimes when a building’s skeleton is all that’s left, you lay what you know of its past over cheap Canada Goose its present. The eye level, horizontal strip of a Bleecker Street window that once displayed antique toys has vanished under the big deal plate glass that’s there now, fronting [Read more.] canada goose

Circles of Life

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Tamar Rogoff’s Grand Rounds at La MaMa, April 27 through May 14.

canadian goose jacket Choreographer Tamar Rogoff grew up in the 1950s reading Helen Wells’ mystery novels about a nurse named Cherry Ames, who’d risk Canada Goose Parka the wrath of the doctors she served by resourcefully breaking the rules canada goose clearance sale in order to save a patient’s life, if no one else was around. From Cherry Ames, Student Nurse (1943), Nurse Ames went on being [Read more.] canadian goose jacket

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canada goose clearance Bill Young revives his Canada Goose Coats On Sale Interleaving at 100 Grand Street, December 9 through 11. canada goose clearance

canada goose black friday sale I was beginning to write about Bill Young’s revival of his Interleaving after he’d given it a 30 year vacation, when my planned opening struck a chord. Yes, there it was, the start of my 2013 review of A Place in France (a collaboration between Young and his wife, Colleen Thomas): me at 100 Grand Street, [Read more.] canada goose black friday sale.


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