I remembered him expressing shock that we were expecting 4


Prediction of FFXIV patch dates

this is false. if 4.4 comes september 4th 4.5 could come out december 18th. just one week before the vacation times begin for most countrys. so it would cheap Canada Goose fit canada goose uk outlet perfectly and make both patches 15 weeks. which is totally in schedule.keep in mind the tc did assume jan 8th but jan 8th IS already outside of schedule to begin with the tc used that date knowing that new year and 25th december wouldnt work of course. hence why a further delay Canada Goose Parka wouldnt be good.minus 1 week would therefore be canada goose clearance way better for the whole thing. i mean they could also go canada goose outlet 16 weeks for 4.4 and 14 weeks for 4.5 or vice versa but 15/15 seems more in line canada goose coats as awhole. while if they insist on 16 weeks delay then 4.5 WILL be out of schedule no matter what. as jan 8th is already 1 week outside schedule if you do the math as its 119 days already at jan 8th. this plus the fact that jan 8th is too close to new year vacation makes cheap canada goose uk it so that if they delay then uk canada goose outlet jan Canada Goose Jackets 15th is the earliest date canada goose for canada goose clearance sale 4.5. keep in mind Canada Goose online ANYTHING between 14 16 weeks counts as in normal schedule. anything outside that is delayed for no good reason (unless it actually has more content than normal) and delaying 2 patches is anything but smart for this game. as it NEEDS these frequent updates to keep people.if 4.4 releases september 11th (16 weeks mark aka 112 days) then 4.5 COULD still come december 18th if they pull a 14 week release for it. if you move both patches 1 week backwards Canada Goose Online it works out. as the 15 and 16 week mark for 4.5 are on december 25th and jan 1st in a buy canada goose jacket cheap normal 16 uk canada goose week schedule for both patches. so either 4.5 is delayed big time or both patches are better off only Canada Goose Coats On Sale needing 15 weeks for once. some content was just replaced by other content.and makeing 4.4 and 4.5 just ONE week canada goose uk black friday earlier would fit both into 2018. the sole reason for example that 3.5 came january was 3.1 massive delay. we Canada Goose sale didnt have that this time. I would still be canadian goose jacket insulted if they delayed it due to an ongoing event. Oh my entire region of the country is flooded and they releasing a Canada Goose Outlet flood boss? OH NOES IT INSENSITIVE LET DELAY PERFECTLY GOOD CONTENT BECAUSE OF A canada goose factory sale SIMILAR BUT OTHERWISE UNRELATED CATASTROPHE. /sLikewise, if my entire city burned down, I wouldn be insulted if a video game where you play as a pyromaniac fire demon was released the next day.Prior to that there was buy canada goose jacket a case to be made on the basis of Four Lords (which presumably has three fights left to do), as well as canada goose coats on sale Eureka vs. six elemental zones to do, and the bevy of things they might have wanted extra time to do for a next expansion (early game MSQ condensing, dealing with the class system, prepping the next “Eureka” to actually release on time etc.).I remembered him expressing shock that we were expecting 4.5 into the next expansion, and even mentioning that he was probably going to be another patch canada goose uk shop after 4.5, and no, not a 4.55.Because canada goose black friday sale of how badly formatted everything is and how different every single interview is formatted, and how people like canada goose store leaving out things they dont like in summaries, it too much effort for me to find.That why I just reaching out for anyone else who also remembered him saying this. But people are getting defensive for some reason when I already said I didn have a source lmao.

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