We want our meat to be affordable both at home and at


Gerald E. Connolly, a Democrat whose Northern Virginia district is home to tens of thousands of federal workers. “Coupled with now the creeping reality of the financial consequences if this goes on too long, everything from ‘Can I pay rent on time?’ to ‘What kind of obligations, if any, can I incur while it’s uncertain whether I get a paycheck?’ “The American Federation of Government Employees, the largest federal employee union, representing some 700,000 workers, on Monday announced that it was suing the federal government over the shutdown, writing in a statement that “the federal government is violating the law by requiring some federal employees to work without pay during a shutdown.”In an issue unrelated to the border wall but important to federal workers, the package of full year bills that Democrats plan to pass would include a 1.9 percent raise for civilian workers that Trump has sought to deny.Earlier in December, Senate Republicans signed off on a plan that would have averted the shutdown but did not include new wall money, only to have Trump publicly denounce the proposal the next day.

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