21) was Squirrel Appreciation Day, and I sort of missed it


uk canada goose outlet Happy Belated Squirrel Appreciation DayLast Saturday (Jan. 21) was Squirrel Appreciation Day, and I sort of missed it. We considered squirrels and their polymorphisms here at WEIT many times, so in belated celebration, here a nice squirrel.Sciurus variegatoides, Volcan Poas, Costa Rica, 29xii2011.I didn miss it entirely, because Saturday was the day that one of my colleagues, who visited Costa Rica over the Christmas break, gave me a copy of her photograph of this beauty. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose clearance Another reason tyranny is resurgent has to do with human nature, which we in the West idealize. Not everyone sees freedom as their top priority, preferring security (a lesson we should have learned in Iraq). Populations unschooled in our traditions equate freedom with anarchy and act accordingly: Russians have third degree burns from the 1990s canada goose clearance.


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